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For PR Pros - Pitching Notes is an online community offering PR pros the chance to share experiences and tips on how to pitch specific journalists, in the form of reviews. That's not all. By signing up, you can also create an online profile for yourself where you can display your (or your clients) expertise. Your profile can then be searched by reporters looking for expert sources and story idea. Our goal is to help you connect with media pros and make more targeted pitches, meaning better opportunities for your clients or companies. And the great part is, it's all free! Read More...

For Media Pros - Need expert sources? If you're a reporter or any other media pro, you may search our members for PR specialists (and their experts) to use as a source in your next story. We also welcome you to create a profile and tell our members how you'd like to be pitched, and what will most likely get you to respond to a pitch. The goals of this site are to connect you with expert sources and to create more targeted pitches, which of course, makes your job easier. There is no need to register, and the best part is, it's free for everyone! Read More...

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My URL - You can change your profile URL to what ever you want by going to My Profile>Settings>My Profile URL. Your profile page will then be located at

Links to your coverage - When you add a media pro, be sure to include any links to coverage that the person was able to secure for your client. Each review (along with the link) will then appear on your profile.

Newsfeed links - You can include links in the newsfeed when updating your status. Simply type it in and it will be shortened automatically upon submission, just be sure the link starts with www.

Media list search - There are two options for searching for media pros. There is a simple name search at the top of every page, but there is also an advanced search under Find Reviews>Advanced Search. From there you can search for media pros based on Outlet, Beat, DMA, or Media Type.

Groups - Setting up a group allows your community to interact at a more personal level. Every group has its own photos, videos and event sections. There is also a discussion board and file sharing feature  in every group you create. Make your group public or private, which requires an invitation to join and view content.

Events - Set an event anywhere in the world and meet other members face to face! Manage your members, set an invite number limit or even send out invitations so that they can RSVP to your event. You can control attendance via private event or even limit the number of available seats.

Favorites - You can save media pros to a favorites list on your home page. Just click on the heart shape at the top of the media pros profile.

Compare - There is a "Compare" check box on each media profile. You can save specific media pros that will appear in a toolbar at the bottom of your screen. This can be used for quick reference any time you are on the site.

Privacy - You can limit your profile access either to public, site members, or friends only. Go to My Profile>Settings>Privacy.

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