Today, a friend of mine was part of mass layoffs after her company had some major client losses in rapid succession.

By Jeannie Clary | J. Clary Public Relations

Today, a friend of mine was part of mass layoffs after her company had some major client losses in rapid succession.

And you thought you had a bad day at work.

She sensed it was coming because the company had announced impending doom, and the odds were against her. Even if they kept her on, she’d be working with a skeleton crew in an already demanding position.

When I spoke to her today, after asking if she was post-layoff drunk (she wasn’t, so much the pity), she said she had decided last night that she was actually more scared to stay than be let go.

She may not be ready to proclaim this “The Summer of George!,” but says this needed to happen. She isn’t looking to start her own business so much as to find an outlet to do great work.

Losing her safety net may be the opportunity of a lifetime.

I completely understand. I was laid off during the recession, and after sobbing to my husband and emailing some contacts, I said a Hail Mary, took a deep breath… and decided to start my own company, mere hours after the ax fell.

It may have been the gin talking (for the record, that bottle appeared pretty quickly after my boss said sayonara), but it felt more like divine intervention and something I needed to do. I liked my old job and my boss, but I’d been hoping and praying for some spark of inspiration that just didn’t seem to be coming. Guess what? Losing your job can light a fire under you to get creative real fast.

Oh, sure, getting fired was a bummer at first. I had no clients lined up and took a financial hit (or 10) while I entered the world of “business development” and waited for checks to start coming. I’ve enjoyed the highs and endured the lows of owning a small business.

But almost four years, umpteen panic attacks and a few bottles of celebratory champagne later, J. Clary Public Relations is standing tall. And I’m the boss! There’s something really cool about that.

P.S. If anyone is looking for an amazing Dallas-based communications/marketing/fundraising pro and writer with more than 10 years’ experience, I can give you a name!

Article contributed by: Jeannie Clary | President, J. Clary Public Relations

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