This year, a thirty second spot during the big game will cost you about $3.8 million dollars. That’s a lot of hotdogs.

By Danielle Tavernier Spears |

This weekend is the big game and outside of the sibling rivalry, the real entertainment (at least for me) will be the commercials. This year, a thirty second spot during the big game will cost you about $3.8 million dollars. That’s a lot of hotdogs.

It’s a massive financial investment for the every brand, and tremendous pressure is inherent with the higher price tag. You can preview many of the commercials to get an idea of which companies spent their money wisely and which companies should have just taken their $3.8 million and bought 950,000 bags of Cheetos instead. Take a peek and let us know in the comments who you think will walk away the big winner of the night.

211,111 24-packs of Budweiser or Bud Light

1.26 million packages of Oscar Meyer Wieners

950,000 bags of Cheetos

 Article contributed by: Danielle Tavernier Spears |

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